Project2_BS copy2

This project was a bit tricky. We had to choose a product that had a significant part of our childhood. But that wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was to convey what that product is without using any logos or known images from that product, the actual title, or basically anything commerical about the product.

Challenge accepted!

I chose Kool-Aid because as a kid I wasn’t allowed to drink sodas, so Kool-Aid was kind of a big deal in my house. So at this point I can’t use the words “Kool-Aid” or the logo and anything. It was tough, but after a little while I thought “what do I think of when I say Kool-Aid?”. Kool-Aid is “artifical” so I thought of things to convey artifical: Robots, circut boards, things like that. Another thing that made Kool-Aid special for me growing up was the silly straws. I always had to have my silly straw when drinking Kool-Aid and the different colors of the silly straws represent the different flavors of Kool-Aid. Since grape was the best flavor, I chose purple for the color of the substnce the robot is drinking. There are circuts in the glass because Kool-Aid always gave me tons of energy to run around outside for hours.

I will also post the original verison of this project. There wasn’t too much I revised in this project other than the background, but I think it makes a huge difference.



Informtion Graphic

Pro4_BS copy copy

So I finally have new graphics to put on here!! YAY!

The project was to create an information graphic and collect data that was revelent to me as a person. I chose to see which songs were the most popular on my IPod. This information was collected on my ITunes. The size of the song titles represent how many times I’ve listened to tht specific song on my IPod. The bigger the song title, the most often I’ve listened to that song. The “side-bars” tell who the artist is and the number of times I’ve listened to it. The colors in the background also represent the colors of the song titles. Since Rock Lobster is th most listened to, the color red takes up most of the background. And I have a skull on there because it’s revelent to me because I like skulls. I chose to this information because if you knew me, you’d know how weird and chaotic my music taste is. I’ve got to say Rock Lobster is probably one of my favorite songs ever. I almost always listen to it when it comes on.

This is actually my revised version of this project. I’m much happier with the revised verison. I’ll post the original soon so you can see the differences between them.